Religious Personnel

The following is an updated list of Personnel enhancing the community in all religious aspects. These include spiritual counselling, preaching and Baalei Tefilo (liturgical posts) as part of the Kollel community outreach. In addition local scholars study and research either full time or part time at the Kollel Toronto IAJS program. This list will be updated every six months.


Bell, Refoel
Bornstein Mayer
Bursztyn Joseph
David Jacob
Ehrentreu Chanoch
Fleischman Yakov
Goldner Avrumi
Hirsch Shlomo
Hirschman Yaakov
Hofman, Nosson
Kaufman Aaron
Kleinman Moshe
Korngut Dovid
Matlow Gershon
Miller Aaron
Miller Shlomo
Pam David
Rand Avrohom
Reich Velvel
Reidel Shmuel
Ribiat Matis
Senders, Noach
Silberstein Zvi
Silver Chaim
Spiegel Moshe
Stern Pinchus
Susholz Dovid
Waldiger Mordechai