Rabbi Miller

RAV SHLOMO ELIYAHU MILLER is the Rosh Kollel of the Kollel Avreichim Institute for Advanced Judaic Studies in Toronto and head of its Beis Din (rabbinical court). He is regarded as a leading posek in the US. He has been chosen by the Lakewood community to head a kollel and Beis Hora’ah in Lakewood, NJ. A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Rabbi Miller graduated from it’s Talmudical Academy, continued his education in NY yeshivas and was one of Rabbi Aharon Kotler’s ZT”L close students in the last years of his life.

Rabbi Hirschman

RAV YAAKOV HIRSCHMAN was born in Holland and arrived in America with his parents and siblings after the raging WWII enduring an arduous adventure in a concentration and DP camp. After settling in Manhattan’s upper West Side he studied at Torah Vodaath and the Telz Yeshiva in Cleveland. In the late 50’s Rabbi Hirschman joined the student body of Beth Medrash Govoha of Lakewood, NJ, where he became a student and one of the closest attendants of Rabbi Aharon Kotler.