Kollel Updated Reopening Phase 1

//Kollel Updated Reopening Phase 1

Kollel Updated Reopening Phase 1

With  סעייתא דשמיא, the Kollel has reopened slowly at a limited capacity according to government guidelines. It is exciting and something we have all been waiting for. We have done a lot of planning and are trying to do our best to get everyone back into the Kollel safely. Each one of you is a valued member and supporter of the Kollel. There is no doubt in our mind that there are many ways to do this. Please give us the courtesy and respect as we are doing our best.

UPDATED: Please CAREFULLY read our plans until further updates. We will not jeopardize or compromise on the health guidelines.

If you are not  commited  to them please find a different place to daven. 

Please note: For those with compromised health or who are over 65 years we strongly advise not to give up your backyard davening. 

We will be setting up the Bais Medrash with social distancing. Masks are therefore not a law but are definitely recommended. If you get an Aliya or are the Baal Koreh please wear a mask. There will be a box of masks and hand sanitizer at the entrance. 


There will  be one minyan for the posted Vasikin time on Shabbos, and TWO MINYANIM starting at the posted time of 8:05 am shabbos morning, shabbos Mincha and Maariv. The capacity of the Beis Medrash is approx. 35 ppl and entrance will be on  first come first served basis.

For the weekday: At the present time there is one Minyan upstairs and one downstairs for every Tefillo. The zemanim for the Tefillos on Shabbos can be downloaded under the Zemanim menu. The weekday zmanim are also posted under the Zmanim menu.

    • No children under the age of 11 may attend. 

    • When the Ezras Noshim is reopened there will place for 10 women who are regular attendees.

                  When davening is over you must leave the building MAINTAINING SOCIAL DISTANCING.

    • Only those who regularly Daven at the Kollel may attend

      Please enter the building on the east side closest to Bathurst and exit on the west side. 

If you have any symptoms of illness, please do not come

If you have already registered for the shabbos minyan and do not choose to attend please notify the office by email office@kollel.com, or phone 416.789.1853. The Hanhala will only admit those people on the list. Your registration allows you entrance to those minyanim and sedorim that you signed in for.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.