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The Kollel Toronto IAJS Purpose

Kollel Toronto-IAJS was established to provide an environment for high level academic learning and study thereby generating scholars and educators to serve the community.

Who Benefits From The Kollel?

What makes the Kollel Toronto different is that it has not only become a place for scholars to learn, but it has also grown to be a refreshing oasis and source of strength for men of all ages, from every walk of life and varying levels of knowledge.

The Need For Scholarships

As we face growing assimilation in North America, the only real hope for our future is through Jewish education. The strength and existence of our nation have always been intrinsically bound to the study of Torah and pride in our heritage and culture.

Now, more than ever before, when so many Jews are desperately seeking meaning and relevancy in life and religion, there is an urgent need to reach out and communicate with them.

The Importance Of Out-Reach

The doors of the Kollel never close and people are always welcome to take part in the on-going opportunity to learn. To this end, the Kollel teaches, as part of its basic curriculum, the positive influence we Jews must have on our fellow men. The Kollel encourages its students to become an integral part of their surroundings and to strive to help others.

The Challenges Of This Decade

The real challenge of this decade will be the continuity of the Jewish people. But without institutes of learning to train teachers and leaders, where will these leaders come from? Where can they attain the spiritual elevation and qualitative education essential to realize this monumental task?

Help Us To Help Others

In Judaism, we have many different models for greatness. One such role model is the benefactor who provides the resources necessary to fund institutions of learning. While not every individual has as his goal in life to be a Rabbi or teacher, he nonetheless has a responsibility to participate in the survival of our nation.

“Study is the life-breath of the Jewish people, the goal of Jewish existence – its purpose and destiny,” stated Rabbi Aaron Kotler, teacher and mentor of the men who head Kollel Torono. To keep the Jewish nation alive, Torah study must be kept alive, for it is our nation’s Constitution and the liaison between our birth as a people and our limitless future.

The greatest empires known to men have faded into antiquity, yet the Jewish people survive, constantly renewed by our message and example of pure monotheism and respect and sanctity of the individual. It is precisely our devotion to our nation’s Constitution, the Torah, which has been our beacon through the darkest of ages and which will guide us to our future.

Fellowship Opportunities

Your interest, concern, and financial support enables Kollel Avreichim to perpetuate our Jewish heritage throughout Canada, and guarantee Jewish survival.

Your contribution to the success and growth of the Institute for Advanced Judaic Studies will help us to continue our obligation of teaching and inspiring people to teach, to learn and to help others.

We extend an invitation to you and ask that you become a partner with our scholars to ensure Jewish continuity for our people.Your partnership in the succes and growth of the Kollel will help us to continue our obligation of teaching and inspiring people to teach, to learn, and to help others.

Endowment Opportunities:

The tax deduction afforded by charitable contribution to the Kollel not only reduces the actual cost of your gift, but in many cases also makes possible a larger contribution than you may originally have anticipated.

Stock Donations

Support the Institute for Advanced Judaic Studies by donating your stocks. Find out more about the benefits of donating stock to charity.

Gifts of Cash:

A cash donation is deductible from federal and provincial income taxes up to 50% of the donor’s income.

Gifts in Kind:

A tax deductible receipt may be issued for the fair market value of gifts in kind to our institution.

Wills and Bequests:

When a gift cannot be made during the lifetime of a donor, a bequest or stipulation in a will can fulfill your desire to perpetuate a memorial gift.

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