The Jewish tradition transforms the tragedy of death into an opportunity for religious and ethical betterment.

The SHIVA/mourning observances serve to express grief rather than to repress it.

The recital of the KADDISH is a declaration of faith and the acceptance of the Almighty’s judgment.

The YAHRZEIT is the remembering of both the sorrow of bereavement, and the parental familial heritage.

The YIZKOR is the recalling of one’s ancestors and giving charity to honour their memory.

All these are aspects of this special tradition.

It is preferable that sons or an immediate relative of the deceased recite the KADDISH. However, if this is not possible, arrangements to have the KADDISH said, and the YAHRZEIT and YIZKOR observed can be made with the Institute For Advanced Judaic Studies, dedicated to preserving the Jewish heritage and tradition.

Kaddish Foundation

The Kaddish Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to:

• Recital of daily Kaddish, yearly Yartzeit, and Yizkor observance.

• Allocating funds for Judaic Scholarship Studies.

• Perpetuating our Jewish heritage and ensuring Jewish continuity.

If you or your family are unable to fully tend to the spiritual needs of your beloved departed, let us help.

Funds given in memory of someone are used to help the living, which in return is a merit for the soul of the deceased.

For more information contact:
Ann Purwitsky