Kollel Toronto in conjunction with Meginah Channa has a drop-off box where one can drop off their shailas (questionable bedikas) which will be checked promptly. This project is run by Rabbi Chanoch Ehrentreu under the supervision of Rabbi Hirschmann, shlita and Rabbi Miller, shlita.

In order for the smooth running of this service the following rules should be adhered to:

  • One should place the shailas in a plastic ziplock.
  • A note should be placed in the ziplock stating
    1. day from when the bedika is taken
    2. telephone number to contact to receive an answer or to further discuss the shailah
  • Items will be returned if requested.
  • After dropping off your shailah please call 416-712-9752 to notify us that a shailah was dropped off (it is not necessary to leave your name.)

The drop-off box is a mail slot at 519 Coldstream Avenue (on the side door of the attached garage) and is labeled M. BOX. 519 Coldstream is the house next to the Kollel. The garage door is in the driveway of the Kollel.